How Technology Enhances Dental Care

Dr. Pamela Doray utilizes the latest in dental technology in her Philadelphia, PA office to diagnose her patients. By using these modern dental technologies, Dr. Doray is able to enhance the patient experience. Her goal is to help her patients enjoy a comfortable, healthy, and beautiful smile. Incorporating technology into the treatment process gives Dr. Doray and her team the ability to accurately address dental problems and alleviate painful symptoms.

Dental Technology in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Diagnostic Dental Technology in Philadelphia, PA

Dr. Doray uses modern technology to quickly find dental problems and

  • 3M True Definition Oral Scanner: This oral scanner creates three-dimensional digital impressions. With these impressions, Dr. Doray is able to view the alignment of the bite and the shape and spacing of the teeth. Traditional dental impressions use a messy dental putty that the patient bites down on. Digital impressions offer quick and comfortable treatment that is non-invasive and precise. They are integral to restorative and cosmetic procedures for missing and misaligned teeth.
  • Aribex NOMAD™: Digital x-rays like the Aribex NOMAD are great alternatives to traditional x-rays. The Aribex NOMAD is a handheld diagnostic tool that creates sharp and detailed images of the dental structure and the jaw. Digital x-rays are also safe to use and reduce radiation exposure by 80% compared to traditional x-rays. X-rays are particularly useful in spotting bite problems, or malocclusion.
  • Intraoral Cameras: An intraoral camera is a small handheld device that takes high-quality pictures of the mouth. Using intraoral cameras, Dr. Doray can spot areas of infection and damage up close. She also shares her findings with patients.

Scans, x-rays, and intraoral images are also useful in educating patients about their dental problems. Dr. Doray can show her patients any areas of concern to better explain the details of their custom treatment plans.

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