Cosmetic Dentistry Philadelphia, PA

Dr. Conover and Dr. Doray, leading cosmetic dentists in Philadelphia, provide a personal approach to your aesthetic needs. Using one or more cosmetic dental treatments, we can help you transform the appearance of your smile while improving your overall dental health and wellness.

Smile Makeovers: What To Expect

Dr. Conover and Dr. Doray will work closely with you to help you achieve the smile of your dreams. We begin the process with a thorough evaluation and a personal consultation to understand the condition of your oral health and to learn about your goals for your smile makeover. Our highly trained and experienced cosmetic dental care team will prepare a customized plan that addresses your needs and desires.

We have incorporated advanced technology into our office for improved diagnostics and more predictable results from treatment planning. Utilizing dental imaging enables our dentists to give you a preview of your “new” smile before any treatment is performed.

Our cosmetic dental services include:

Cosmetic Dental Services in Philadelphia

Porcelain Veneers

Ava before porcelain veneers for chipped teeth in Philadelphia PA Ava after porcelain veneers for chipped teeth in Philadelphia PA


As Philadelphia’s top cosmetic dentists, Dr. Conover  & Dr. Doray have successfully improved patients’ smiles with porcelain veneers. Our doctors use veneers to create beautiful smiles by closing gaps, changing tooth shape and alignment, covering surface defects and discoloration, and making teeth whiter.

A porcelain veneer is a thin shell of tooth-like material (similar to the enamel on natural teeth) which is applied to the surface of the tooth. Porcelain veneers provide both a cosmetic benefit and a functional benefit, especially in the case of teeth that are wearing down or are chipped or broken.

The advances in dental materials ensure that today’s porcelain veneers look and feel like natural teeth more than ever before.

Cosmetic Temporary Restorations

cosmetic dentistry temporary restorations

Our doctors make beautiful temporary restorations to restore cosmetics and function during the laboratory process. These temporary crowns, veneers, or bonded restorations allow you to “try on” your new smile before it is completed and serve as a guide for a predictable, beautiful final result.

Ceramic Crowns

ceramic crowns for tooth decay by Pamela Doray ceramic crowns for tooth decay by Pamela Doray

Dr. Conover may recommend porcelain crowns to restore teeth that are significantly weakened by large old fillings and decay or to strengthen teeth that are cracked or broken. Crowns are also used in conjunction with dental implants to replace missing teeth.

State-of-the-art ceramic materials have a surface finish and luster that rivals natural tooth structure without the unsightly black or blue line you may have seen under the gum tissue on other crowns. No one will know you have crowns – just that you have a beautiful smile!

Dental Bonding

Joey before tooth bonding for damaged teethJoey after tooth bonding for damaged teeth

Bonding can often be used to repair chips and cracks and fill unattractive gaps between teeth. Essentially, bonding hides any natural flaws or damaged areas through the placement of a thin plastic coating on the front surface of the teeth. Bonding is typically painless and can yield dramatic results in a single office visit.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Bill lower arch before bs8 Bill lower arch after IMG_0520

White tooth fillings are the standard in cosmetic dentistry for esthetics and function. For smaller fillings, we tooth-colored dental composites to restore beauty and strength. These materials are placed directly into the teeth using the latest techniques.

In the case of larger fillings, the doctor fabricates porcelain restorations or onlays which look and feel like natural teeth. Porcelain fillings strengthen weak or damaged tooth structure and prevent future damage to teeth.