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Dr. Derek Conover and our dental care team provide a full range of cosmetic, implant, and restorative dental services. Ranked as two of Philadelphia’s top dentists, Dr. Conover and our dental care team provide patients with the highest level of care and comfort. We use the latest technology and techniques available in the field of modern dentistry.

While many of our patients initially come to us for Dr. Conover’s expertise in restorative and cosmetic dentistry, most choose to stay with us for our comprehensive oral health services. We want you to have a beautiful and healthy smile!

Our preventive dental care program includes professional cleanings and oral health check-ups at intervals tailored to your individual dental needs. We work with you to ensure your long-term dental health and well-being, which also impacts your overall physical health.

Our top dentists in Philadelphia have expertise and experience in many other aspects of restorative and reconstructive dentistry, including dental implants and establishing a stable, well-balanced bite. A leader in modern dentistry, Dr. Conover’s extensive training and experience allow him to deliver uncompromising care and exquisite results. We believe everyone deserves to speak confidently, eat comfortably, share a laugh with a friend, and have a pain-free smile they can be proud of. 

What makes our dental office different?

Our dental practice is geared toward discriminating patients looking for a dental experience similar to a concierge medical practice. Dr. Conover and our team strive to maintain these principles as the foundation of our practice and your care when visiting us.

1 – Clinical pedigree.  In addition to a world-class educational foundation and extensive clinical experience, the office maintains excellence thanks to exhaustive training and commitment to mastering the latest proven techniques. 

2 – Concierge office environment.  Our office is not for everyone – and that’s by design.  We consciously limit the number of patients to ensure our patients receive the attention and access they expect and deserve. Focused on comfort and hospitality, we cater to individuals interested in a boutique experience and an uncompromising commitment to the highest caliber of dental care. 

3 – Unmatched attention to detail.  From evaluation to treatment planning and execution, we gather extensive clinical and historical data before formulating treatment options. Our careful planning provides a customized result tailored to fit each individual patient’s needs and preferences.  We pride ourselves on turning complex clinical processes into a streamlined, systematic sequence for our patients.

4 – Expert coordination of care.  Comprehensive care is often interdisciplinary and requires coordination with specialists. Esthetic results are best delivered with detailed laboratory communication.  As the quarterbacks responsible for managing the entirety of our patient’s treatment, we arrange and integrate care with specialists at the top of their respective fields, and we collaborate with master ceramists to deliver predictable esthetic results.

5 – A focus on results.  Your health and your smile are the ultimate testaments to our preparation, planning, and execution, and our care is tailored toward delivering beauty, predictability, and longevity in our work.  

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Digital Dentistry in Philadelphia, PA

Dr. Conover has incorporated a wide range of advanced digital technology into our office. Patients benefit from treatment planning that is more accurate and results that are more predictable. Digital technology can also offer the best possible patient experience, providing faster, more comfortable, and less invasive treatment.

Combined with the advanced training and skills that our dental care team can offer patients seeking treatment for complex needs, dental technology supports our exceptional standard of dental care.

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Dr. Conover welcomes new patients and can offer a second opinion for restorative and cosmetic treatment needs. To schedule an appointment or consultation in our Philadelphia dentist office, contact us at (215) 395-6076 or request one online.