Imagining Your New Smile is a SNAP

Choosing to go through with cosmetic dentistry treatment can be a big decision. Many patients worry about what the end results will look like and whether or not they’ll be happy. Cosmetic dentistry requires an investment of time and money. Patients want to know that it will be “worth it” in the end.

In our office, we use digital imaging to make that decision a little bit easier.

SNAP Smile Simulation Software

Snap Smile SimulationDr. Pamela Doray is one of the few cosmetic dentists in Philadelphia to use SNAP imaging – a digital software that allows us to simulate the results of a cosmetic dental procedure.

When you first visit our office, you will have a private consultation with the Dr. Doray to discuss your medical and dental health history and to talk about the concerns you have for your smile. Then you will have a examination to evaluate your periodontal and dental health and to gather other important information, including photos of your face and smile, digital x-rays (if needed) and intra-oral scans. We can also begin discussing potential treatment options.

Treatment Planning
After your visit, Dr. Doray will study the information we collected and begin to create a treatment plan. Often times, this includes a digital smile simulation. We use a sophisticated software called SNAP that can be used to simulate any treatment including teeth whitening, dental implants, porcelain veneers and tooth bonding. Dr. Doray can even use the SNAP software to show you what your smile might look like after orthodontic treatment.

Smile Simulation
Your second appointment will be a treatment conference. During this visit, you will meet with Dr. Doray, to review treatment options, your cosmetic goals cost, and treatment sequencing. It is during this appointment that Dr. Doray may present you with the smile simulation. This is a digital image that shows you the “before” and the simulated “after” of your cosmetic dental treatment. We can even print a photo for you to take it with you while you think about your treatment.

Once you’re confident in your treatment plan, we will start the smile makeover process!

Cosmetic Dentistry Before & After with SNAP Imaging

Explore the Possibility

SNAP Smile Simulation
This cosmetic dentistry before and after photo was generated using the SNAP imaging software. No changes were made to the actual teeth. Using sophisticated imaging software, the cosmetic dentist was able to simulate what the outcome of cosmetic dental treatment would be.

Jill Imagines the Possibility

Jill came to Dr. Doray wanting a smile makeover. She has a missing tooth and failed dental restorations. It was important to Jill that the final results be very natural looking. Dr. Doray used the SNAP software to simulate what Jill’s new smile could look like. We look forward to helping Jill get her smile back.

Cosmetic Dentistry Before & After
Photos above show Jill before treatment along side Smile Simulation image

Theresa Explores Cosmetic Dentistry Options

Theresa doesn’t like her small crooked teeth and wants a fuller, brighter smile. Using the SNAP software, Dr. Doray has simulated what the final results might look like. This treatment can be achieved through a variety of procedures including gum recontouring, Invisalign treatment, porcelain veneers and teeth whitening. Once her treatment is complete, we know Theresa won’t stop smiling.

Cosmetic Dentistry Before & After
Photos above show Theresa before treatment along side Smile Simulation image

Lea’s Smile Makeover
In the three photos below, you can see the “before”, the “smile simulation” and the “after”. Lea came to Dr. Doray to improve her smile and whiten her teeth. Dr. Doray completed a cosmetic dental treatment plan that included teeth whitening and porcelain veneers. In addition, Dr. Doray replaced an old silver filling on a front tooth with a tooth colored (resin) filling.

Jessica’s Smile Makeover
Jessica came to Dr. Doray because of failed dental bonding that had left fractured edges on her upper teeth and space between front teeth. She also wanted whiter teeth and a fuller smile. Dr. Doray used SNAP smile simulation software to mimic the end result. Dr. Doray completed cosmetic dental treatment that included resin bonding and deep bleaching.

How Can We Help Your Smile?

If you’ve been considering a smile makeover or wondering what your teeth would look like after cosmetic dentistry – a Digital Smile Simulation can give you the peace of mind you need. Call our Philadelphia dental office today to request an appointment with Dr. Pamela Doray.