Digital Scanning Means Faster, More Comfortable Treatment

In our Philadelphia dental office, we make it a priority to provide patients with the best treatment experience and finest results possible. One of the ways we achieve this goal is by incorporating the latest technology into our practice. Dr. Pamela Doray stays on the cutting edge of dental technology and serves on the Council for Innovative Dentistry for 3M-ESPE Company.

“Cutting edge dental technology isn’t about having the newest toys.” says Dr. Doray, “It’s about choosing the tools that have proven performance. Whether the technology is less invasive, more comfortable, offers better diagnostics or delivers better, longer lasting results, the bottom line is that it needs to equate to a better experience for the patient.”

Dr. Doray was featured in the January issue of Dental Economics, explaining to other dentists how digital scanning technology can improve dental practice workflow along with patient experience.

She was the first dentists in Philadelphia to use digital scanning technology. Our first device was the 3M Lava Chairside Oral Scanner, which was called a digital dentistry breakthrough when it debuted in 2008. Today we use the latest 3M scanner, True Definition, which is proven to be the most accurate scanning device on the market. The True Definition wand is also the smallest of any other model for faster, easier and more comfortable scanning for the patient.

Benefits of Digital Impressions

One of the greatest benefits is the improved comfort and efficiency for the patient. Digital scanners often eliminate the need for uncomfortable impression trays. Before the digital scanning technology, patients would have to bite down on trays for a few minutes while the impression material hardened. Now, with the technology, Dr. Doray can take a 3D image in just seconds without making contact with the teeth.  The “digital impressions” are transferred instantly to a computer so that they can be reviewed. If something doesn’t look right, Dr. Doray can simply rescan the tooth or teeth in a matter of seconds.

As the dental industry has embraced technology, digital impressions have also improved efficiency and communication between the dentist and the dental laboratory. Instead of mailing impressions of a patient’s teeth to the lab, Dr. Doray can transmit them electronically through a secure connection. Rather than taking hours or days to arrive at the lab it takes minutes.

The 3D scans also give the lab technician a more accurate view of the teeth, meaning better fitting restorations.

Digital Scanning – More than Crowns & Bridges

The True Definition scanner has a wide range of applications. The digital impression technology is used in nearly all of our cosmetic and restorative dental cases such as dental crowns, bridgework and veneers. The scanner can also be used to take impressions for Invisalign aligners, orthodontic retainers and night guards. The fit of the dental restorations and dental appliances is proven to be better compared to traditional impression methods.

Future of Digital Dentistry

The future of digital scanning and other dental technology is very bright. We look forward to continuing to bring our patients the latest tools to improve their treatment experience.