Why Choose Teeth Whitening Without Lasers

If you form dark stains on your teeth, yellowing, or discoloration in your smile, talk to your dentist about helping you get back to that pearly white smile. Teeth whitening treatment at your dentist’s office uses deep bleaching ingredients to lift dental stains so that they can easily be scrubbed away and restore the color of your teeth.

You may have heard that in-office teeth whitening involves specialized lights and lasers. But these tools do not actually help you get a brighter smile.

You can have an enhanced experience in the dental chair and see optimal results without the use of these tools. Read on to learn why your Philadelphia dentist offers teeth whitening solutions that do not involve lasers.

Why Choose Teeth Whitening Without Lasers

Lasers Add No Benefit to Whitening Treatment

When your dentist performs a teeth whitening procedure, they apply a bleaching gel to the teeth that absorbs into the enamel. The ingredients bring the staining to the surface, making it so that your dentist can easily wash away the dental discoloration, leaving you with a smile several shades brighter.

Some might say that concentrated lights or lasers are necessary to activate these bleaching agents, but this is not true. Light might be needed to initiate some types of chemical reactions, but not this one.

Bleaching is an exothermic reaction, meaning the process releases energy as it occurs rather than requiring energy from a laser. So a light or laser will not be needed for the treatment to make your teeth brighter. You can improve your experience by not adding unnecessary products to the cosmetic dental procedure.

Avoid Oral Irritation with Laser-Free Teeth Whitening

Research suggests that the combination of lasers and bleaching gels on the teeth can cause a patient mild to severe pain. These variables on their own have a very low chance of causing sensitivity to the teeth, but both of them used in tandem could.

This happens because energy from the bleaching reaction along with heat from the laser will trigger enough irritation within the pulp of the tooth to inflame the area. As a result, the patient will feel pain. While the sensation should fade after a short while, dentists will want to avoid any discomfort for their patients wherever possible.

Because lasers will not enhance the teeth whitening experience and will likely risk pain for a patient, your dentist in Philadelphia, PA will not use them. They will prioritize your comfort as well as efficiency when it comes to smile enhancement. They also employ a comprehensive approach to cosmetic dentistry, meaning they will determine the best way to improve the appearance of your smile that will not compromise your health.

Trust your dental professional with your teeth whitening process. They have the expertise to apply the bleaching product for an even, natural, and gorgeous finish with minimized side effects.

An over-the-counter whitening product will not provide these same high-quality results. Learn more by scheduling a cosmetic dental consultation today.