What You Need to Know About Root Canals

Do you have chronic tooth pain or sensitivity? Are you noticing changes in your oral health? Contact Dr. Pamela Doray for treatment today. Dr. Doray treats patients with tooth pain and sensitivity caused by dental infections. One of the best options for patients with tooth decay or cavities is root canal treatment. This general dental solution removes decay and seals cavities. Dr. Doray offers root canal treatment to her patients in Philadelphia, PA. Root canals are needed when an infection reaches the inside of the tooth. Each tooth is filled with dental pulp, nerves, and blood vessels that help keep teeth healthy. Once the dental pulp is infected, it needs to be removed to preserve the tooth’s structure.

Root Canal in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Root Canal Q&A

Discover more about root canal treatment and how it can benefit you today:

Do I need a root canal?

If you have severe tooth decay or a cavity, you need a root canal. Some of the most common signs of a tooth infection include:

  • Toothaches and tooth pain
  • Tooth sensitivity to temperature and pressure
  • Swollen gums
  • Discolored teeth
  • Visible holes in the teeth

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What is the root canal procedure like?

To begin, Dr. Doray applies a local anesthetic to the tooth. This numbs the tooth so patients have pain-free treatment. In addition, she will often use dental sedation so patients feel calm and relaxed. Dr. Doray will make a hole in the tooth to remove the infected pulp. Then, she cleans and disinfects the inner tooth chamber. To seal the tooth and prevent reinfection, Dr. Doray applies adhesive cement to the tooth.

How painful are root canals?

Many patients may think that the root canal procedure is scary or painful. However, we ensure that our patients feel as comfortable as possible during treatment. Dr. Doray uses a local anesthetic and sedation to numb the teeth and relax patients.

Do I need a crown if I have a root canal?

Patients will require a dental filling after their root canal treatment. A dental filling provides added protection to the tooth. However, some patients will require dental crowns if they have worn or weakened teeth. Dental crowns are porcelain ceramic caps that fully cover teeth. They create a stronger and more even bite for patients with decayed teeth.

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