Don’t Delay Your Dental Care

The pandemic has created new medical concerns in patients by exacerbating underlying dental problems. Some patients who have delayed their routine dental appointments are finding themselves dealing with tooth cavities, gum inflammation, or even jaw and tooth pain. If you suffer from frequent jaw or tooth pain, you may clench or grind your teeth. Also known as bruxism, teeth clenching and grinding can wear down the teeth and put stress on the jaw. Visiting Dr. Pamela Doray’s office for dental care in Philadelphia, PA can help prevent these painful dental problems from occurring.

Dental Care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

TMJ Disorders and Bruxism

Temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD) are caused by injury or stress to the joint that connects the jawbone and skull. When this joint is injured, it can cause painful symptoms such as headaches, jaw soreness, and bruxism. Bruxism can cause damage if left untreated and is greatly impacted by stress.

Many patients have felt stressed in the past year and may have not been visiting the dentist as often. Worsening bruxism may have put additional pressure on the jaw. Excessive teeth clenching and grinding wear down the teeth and can also chip or break the tooth enamel. Visiting the dental office on a regular basis can help prevent this damage.

Why are Routine Appointments Important?

During routine visits, we thoroughly examine the teeth and gums to find any developing dental problems. It is important that we find these problems before they worsen. Problems like gum inflammation can be prevented from turning into gum disease and teeth grinding can be stopped from wearing down teeth. Our dental hygienists offer cleanings to remove plaque from around the teeth and gums. They also use antibacterial rinses to remove harmful bacteria as well as scaling and root planing to clean the gums.

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Do you find yourself frequently clenching your jaw from stress? Have you noticed headaches or migraines in the morning? Get the dental care you need today. Request an appointment with our team on our website. If you are a new patient, call (215) 395-6076. Current patients of Dr. Doray may call her office at (215) 772-3100.