The Link Between COVID-19 and Gum Disease

Have you been avoiding routine dental care? A recent study has found that over a third of U.S. adults have delayed dental care during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, those who put off their care said their oral health worsened.

Dr. Pamela Doray has continued to provide dental care for her patients to keep their oral health in check. Gum disease has found to be linked to increased problems when contracting COVID-19. Dr. Doray already treats gum disease in Philadelphia, PA dental office. Periodontitis, or gum disease, is a bacterial infection that irritates and inflames the gums.

How has Dr. Doray ensured the safety of her patients? And what are the links between dental problems like gum disease and COVID-19?

Gum Disease in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Patient Safety in our Philadelphia, PA Dental Office

We have put safety and infection precautions in place so that patients can get the dental care they need. Office and dental staff are practicing social distancing and screening both patients and staff before they enter the office. Our treatment rooms are outfitted with the latest aerosol evacuators with HEPA filtration and UV sterilization. Additionally, our dental staff wears Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Delaying dental care might put patients at greater risk of developing complicated dental issues, including gum disease.

The Links Between Gum Disease and COVID-19

A new study shows that patients who are diagnosed with have gum disease may develop severe COVID-19 complications (WebMD). COVID-19 and gum disease are similar in that they cause inflammation. Gum disease inflames the gums and weakens the immune system. People with weakened immune systems are at more risk of developing COVID-19 complications.

Because COVID-19 can cause an inflammatory response, it is important that patients keep an eye out for signs of gum disease. Gum disease begins with red, swollen, or bleeding gums. Please contact Dr. Doray if you have noticed symptoms of gum irritation or inflammation.

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