Foods and Drinks to Avoid

Even patients who schedule bi-annual dental checkups and brush and floss daily may still have dental problems because of their diet. Dr. Pamela Doray cares about the dental health and overall health of her patients, which is why she stresses the importance of a healthy diet to keep your teeth and gums in check. You can call (215) 395-6076 or schedule an appointment with Dr. Doray on our website.

Learn more about common foods to avoid if you want to keep your smile healthy below.

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Harmful Foods and Drinks

Hard Candy

Hard candy may not get stuck in your teeth like chewy candy does, but it does dissolve in the mouth and release sugar. Bacteria that live in the mouth thrive on sugar and emit an acidic byproduct after consuming sugar. This acid can create dental cavities and lead to tooth decay. Patients who eat too much sugar or do not visit the dentist regularly may require dental fillings and root canal therapy. Biting down on hard candy can also crack, chip, or break a tooth. If the break is bad enough, it can lead to a dental emergency that is only treatable by cosmetic or restorative care.

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks may seem healthier than sodas or energy drinks but they often contain as much sugar as other drinks. They can also be flavored with citric acid, which contributes to enamel erosion. Even brushing your teeth after consuming products that contain citric acid damage teeth. Water is a better option if you are playing sports and need hydration.


Citrus fruit contains citric acid which can erode the tooth enamel. Even some lemon in your water can contribute to enamel erosion. After eating citrus fruit or any food or drink that contains citric acid, make sure you rinse your mouth out with water afterward to remove the lingering acid.