DIY No-Sew Face Masks

Dr. Pamela Doray and her dental team want to help their patients stay safe during these difficult times, which is why we want to share these DIY face masks. You can reschedule your appointment for a future date by calling (215) 395-6076.

With the shortage of masks and the need to wear them, here are some videos for different and simple ways to make a face mask without sewing:

Making a Face Mask Out of a T-Shirt

You just need a medium or large t-shirt, a pair of scissors, and a pen or marker to make this face mask. If you have an old, holey, or stained shirt, this DIY is a good way to reuse what you have at home.

Easy No-Sew Shop Towel Mask

This mask requires a heavy-duty paper towel often found in a garage, paper clips, tape, and lots of folding!

Making a Bandana Face Mask

Using a bandana and rubber bands or hair ties, you can make a colorful and fashionable face mask.