Pamela Doray, DMD Patient Reviews

Dr. Pamela Doray is a dentist in Philadelphia, PA that is dedicated to helping improve her patient’s oral health. You can call her office at (215) 395-6076 or request an appointment with Dr. Doray online. Learn what patients have to say about Dr. Doray and her team below:

Patient Reviews Philadelphia, PA dentist office


“I had the best experience at this office. I had issues with a crown I had placed years ago with it being discolored and very obvious being that it was my front tooth. I went to this office and met with the awesome staff members who all were very passionate about me getting the smile I desired. Now I’m all finished and my smile is the smile I’ve always wanted! I look forward to continuing my dental care with this office. Everyone was great and the prices are reasonable!” -S. Pinkney


“Blown away! Absolutely blown away. First appointment today with this office, and have never, ever: (a) Been greeted with such warmth and hospitality; (b) Felt like I was in the most knowledgable hands; (c) Seen such modern technology in a dental office; (d) Thoroughly *enjoyed* my visit; (e) Didn’t want to leave! The staff at Pamela Doray’s office is more than top-notch—this is by far the best experience I’ve ever had, at a dentist’s office or anywhere. Highly recommend—schedule immediately.” -A. Ambridge


“Dr. Doray and the entire dental team offer a unique blend of high-quality care and excellent service that is par none in Center City Philadelphia. I have been a patient of Dr. Doray’s office for over two years and have always had a fantastic experience, both with the level of care provided and the pleasant temperament of Dr. Doray, hygienists and staff. If some dentists inspire dread on the level of Dante’s Ninth Circle of Hell, Dr. Doray and the team take you to Cloud Nine with their careful attention to detail, positive attitudes, and overall high-quality of work. I would recommend Dr. Doray’s office to anyone in Philadelphia, particularly those who may be looking for a better dentist in terms of quality or attitude. I have never been disappointed, and I doubt you would be either.” -S. Morrissey