Flosstime: Simplify Flossing

Are you trying your best to improve your at-home oral hygiene routine but still cannot remember to floss?

Automated Flosser (2) Making a new activity part of your routine can be difficult. Flossing is all too often a forgotten oral hygiene practice, even for patients with good intent. Flosstime Automated Floss Dispenser is a user-friendly device designed to remind you to make flossing a valued daily ritual.

In the Hygiene Pearls For your Practice publication, Colleen Olson, RDH, BBA reviews the Flosstime automated floss dispenser. Olson raves about the ease of use and effectiveness of Flosstime.

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How does Flosstime work?

Flosstime reminds you to floss every 24 hours and shows you its disappointment if you forget. A blue smile in the lower corner appears after you floss, but if you allow more than 22 hours to pass between flossing, that smile turns upside down into a yellow frown. The dispenser uses a floss cartridge to dispense a perfect 18 inches of floss each time the button is pressed.  Refill cartridges are available for convenient home delivery, too!

If flossing is difficult for you due to dexterity issues, Flosstime comes complete with a reusable floss pick. Floss picks make flossing more comfortable and increases the angles you can reach when flossing.

Bonus features: The Flosstime device can be securely mounted to your bathroom wall and has a two use setting.

Flossing is an important part of keeping your gums and teeth healthy. Dr. Doray emphasizes that patients who floss daily tend to experience less decay, lower rates of gum disease and enjoy fresher breath and a healthier smile.

If you need a friendly reminder in the morning to clean between your teeth- consider the Flosstime Automated Floss Dispenser.