Seasonal Allergies and Your Dental Health

Seasonal Allergies and Your Dental HealthWarmer weather and longer days mean more time to spend enjoying the great outdoors. But for those who suffer from seasonal allergies, spring can be a time of anticipated discomfort. Did you know that your seasonal allergies could affect your oral health? Often overlooked, our teeth and gums can take a hit this time of year. Dr. Pamela Doray offers some advice on how to keep your smile bright while you stop to enjoy the roses.

The Dangers of Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is a reported side effect of over 500 medications and is especially common with antihistamines, the drugs used to combat the symptoms of allergies. Dry mouth can lead to increased cavity development, halitosis, and gum disease.

Saliva is your body’s natural cleaning agent and defense against plaque buildup on your teeth. Saliva works to wash away debris and keep the acids in your mouth balanced. Dry mouth is the lack of saliva production. Without proper saliva production, your teeth and gums are more susceptible to developing oral health problems.

If you are taking an allergy medication be sure to drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated will help you feel better and supplement for your lack of saliva flow. Make sure you are also brushing and flossing regularly to keep your teeth and gums clean.

Cavity, or just Sinus Pressure?

If you are experiencing tooth pain this time of year, it may actually be sinus pressure. Sinus pain is a common symptom of allergies. Your sinuses are a hollow spaces skull and facial bones that can fill up with mucus when you have an allergic reaction. This buildup causes facial pain and puts pressure on the roots of your upper teeth. This pain and pressure can sometimes be confused with a toothache. However, if the pain persists even while you are on allergy medication, then you may indeed have a cavity or other dental problem and you should see your dentist.

Schedule A Dental Exam

Be sure to schedule a dental checkup with Dr. Doray to avoid small issues turning into advanced dental health concerns. Regular oral hygiene and frequent visits to our Philadelphia dentist office can help keep your oral health in check.