4 Dental Products You Should Be Using

If you work hard on your dental care, brush & floss every day, stay on schedule with your professional cleanings, but you’re still showing signs of periodontal disease, then this information is for you.

There are some exciting dental hygiene home care products available today which can give you a boost in your fight against gum disease. Adding one or more of these products to your regular oral hygiene routine can make the difference between receiving good news or bad at your next cleaning.

livionex philadelphia paLivionex is a new advanced dental product coming to the market after 10 years of research, development and clinical trials. It is a dental gel which is used like toothpaste. But unlike regular toothpaste, Livionex actually breaks down the sticky bond between plaque biofilm and the tooth surface. Livionex is specially-designed to clean plaque without scrubbing the tooth surface with abrasives, detergents, or antimicrobials. By reducing the amount of plaque in your mouth it can reducs gingivitis, the precursor to periodontitis.

Livionex does not contain triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate, glycerin, gluten or sugars and is non-abrasive to the teeth. The company also offers LIVFREE Livionex which is color free. You can purchase Livionex online at www.livionexdental.com . Ask us for our special promotional code!

therasol philadelphia paTheraSol is a highly effective anti-bacterial mouthrinse shown to kill many of the bacterial strains that cause dental disease and bad breath. Its patented molecular structure, C31G, has been shown to be lethal for every microorganism against which it has been tested, including fifteen different species of yeast and fungi, which are notoriously difficult to kill.

Researchers believe that TheraSol’s wide spectrum of antimicrobial activity is due, at least in part, to the amphoteric structure of C31G. TheraSol is mild, tastes great and has low alcohol content. It contains no triclosan, gluten or sodium lauryl sulfate (unlike many conventional toothpastes). And unlike chlorohexedine-based products, staining is almost unknown with TheraSol. Therasol has been available for purchase in our office for many years in either the regular strength or concentrated strength.

closys philadelphia paCloSYS is another product available as either an rinse or a toothpaste which kills most harmful periodontal bacteria. The active ingredient is stabilized chlorine dioxide, which has been shown to reduce intraoral bacteria, eliminate bad breath and reduce the signs of gum disease. It contains no alcohol (unlike rinses such as Listerine) and does not stain teeth or restorations (unlike prescription rinses containing chlorhexidine gluconate).

CloSYS also contains no triclosan, gluten or sodium lauryl sulfate (unlike many conventional toothpastes). It has been evaluated over the last two decades and has been shown to be a useful adjunct in maintaining oral health. You can purchase CloSYS online at www.CloSYS.com.

evorapro philadelphia paEvoraPro is one of the most studied and accepted oral care probiotics. Its patented blend of probiotic bacterial strains work as antagonists to undesirable oral bacteria associated with dental caries (cavities), bad breath and periodontal infections. EvoraPro is taken orally every evening after normal oral hygiene procedures are completed (ie, brushing, flossing, tongue cleaning and use of any other mechanical aids to clean the teeth and mouth). EvoraPro tablets can be chewed and swished around the mouth, sucked on until dissolved, or crushed and placed in the mouth, where the probiotic it is then activated by the saliva. EvoraPro can be purchased online at www.evorapro.com.

While none of the above toothpastes, mouthrinses or probiotics are a substitute for excellent oral hygiene (brushing, flossing, tongue cleaning and interdental cleaning), any or all of them can be an important adjunctive aid in reducing oral bacteria (biofilm) that cause periodontal disease, dental decay (cavities) and bad breath. If you are interested, we encourage you to discuss the options with one of our hygienists and to try one or more of them along with your regular dental hygiene regimen.

We hope to see improved dental health for you at your next professional cleaning visit!!