Dr. Doray Supports the Animal Adoption Center

The Animal Adoption Center, registered as Friends of Camden Animal Shelter (FOCAS), is South Jersey’s only 100% no-kill animal shelter. Our very own dental hygienist, Alison Kless, is a dedicated volunteer. We are supporting her and the Animal Adoption Center’s mission by making a monetary donation for every person who likes our Facebook page in the month of February.

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About The Animal Adoption Center

The Animal Adoption Center opened in July 1991 in Lindenwold, New Jersey. Since then, the center has taken in and adopted out thousands of companion animals. The organization is funded purely by donations which go to pay for the food, medical care and housing of the animals it rescues.

Mission Statement

To rescue and welcome abandoned and unwanted companion animals in a No-Kill environment.

To shelter, nurture, and support all loving animals until they find their families and can leave us for safe, caring homes.

To give care with compassion.

To gently and lovingly end the suffering of an animal if it is too ill or injured to recover.

To provide spay and neuter services to ensure that our animals cannot create other unwanted animals.

To take our mission out into the community to teach people about humane treatment and kindness toward animals and the importance of spay/neutering.

To be loving and supportive: with the animals, in our community, and to each other.

Learn more about The Animal Adoption Center by visiting https://www.aacnj.org/