Dr. Doray Creating Healthy, Beautiful Smiles

Many of our patients come to us with complex dental problems. These include missing or broken teeth, teeth that are severely worn or misshapen. Often, they are just looking to fix the problems so that they can eat, talk and smile with comfort and ease. Sometimes, the cosmetic benefit of what Dr. Doray can do never even enters the patient’s mind. Thus was the case with Lyne.

Lyne came to Dr. Doray as her lengthy orthodontic treatment was being completed. With numerous dental and health issues, Lyne never dared to hope that she could have a beautiful smile. Her main goal was to improve the health and function of her teeth, which were broken and worn.

Dr. Doray sat with Lyne and prepared a specialized treatment plan, showing her how she could not only restore health and function, but beauty as well. Dr. Doray recommended porcelain veneers on the upper eight front teeth to restore proper function and dramatically improve beauty. A special teeth whitening technique, called deep bleaching was applied to Lyne’s lower front teeth. Several of the lower back teeth were also restored with porcelain crowns to improve both functions and esthetics.

The results are amazing! Lyne now has a beautiful smile perfectly suited for her beautiful personality.

Here’s what Lyne had to say:

“I am one of Dr. Doray’s “Grand Projects”.  When I first met her, I had braces, decayed and uneven teeth, gum problems and panoply of ills I can’t fully describe of even remember.  I had no idea how to proceed.  She quickly put my mind at ease and designed a long range plan, itemizing the steps for a complete restoration of my teeth.  Along the way she consulted and carefully coordinated the work of other specialists (in this case, an orthodontist and periodontist).  I admire her team work among peers and staff- all invested in providing the healthiest and cutting edge care for their patients.  Not only is my smile remarkably improved, but I suspect my French accent has become less discernible!  Thank you, Dr. Doray and team!  You took fantastic care of me.  You make me smile!”

Before cosmetic dentistry

after cosmetic dentistry

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